About Us

We are Al Maleka Factory for Metal Formation where the factory is located in the middle of the delta in the distance between Cairo and Alexandria, 100 km from Cairo airport and 100 km from Alexandria airport and located in the industrial zone of the first degree. The factory works with the latest technology and has a complete production line with the latest international standard specifications and works with the best raw materials conforming to the international standard specifications as the factory has ISO certificate.

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Our Categories


Ironing boardings

Effortlessly tackle wrinkles with our durable ironing boards, designed for smooth ironing experiences. Compact and foldable for easy storage, they blend functionality with space-saving efficiency.


Our ironing boards combine a sleek design with robust construction, providing a stable and reliable surface for effortless ironing.

Step ladders

Reach new heights with our sturdy step ladders, combining durability with practical design. Compact and foldable for convenient storage, they're the perfect solution for various tasks around your home or office.


Ascend with confidence using our step ladders, where durability meets practical design, providing a stable platform for various tasks.

Clothes dryers

Ascend to effortless laundry care with our sturdy clothes dryers—durable, practical design meets compact foldability for seamless storage in any home or office space.


Elevate your laundry routine with our robust clothes dryers, seamlessly blending durability with a functional design.